California candidate insists he isn’t racist – just used the N-word and encouraged genocide for the ‘likes’
John Dave Denilofs [Photo: Screen grab from Facebook]

Racist social media posts made by John Dave Denilofs were discovered once he started campaigning for Riverside, California's city council.

He made racist posts about Mexicans and African American.

"His statements argue that anyone who waves a Mexican flag in the United States should be killed, as should Muslims and 'the people who made laws where it’s safe for Muslims.' He refers to 'black people on the street' by the N-word and uses a vulgar term for women," a report from The Press-Enterprise explained.

He defended his comments by saying that he did not truly believe what he was saying.

“I didn’t believe it when I said it back then,” Denilofs said.

Denilofs, 53, said that he was making the comments "just for show."

“I don’t know what to say to my voters,” Denilofs said. “Do I apologize? No, I can’t, because, at the time that I did it, I was doing a show.”

His name will appear on the ballot for city council on June 4th.

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