CNN’s Don Lemon brutally smashes AG Barr and Trump for ‘gaslighting’ America
CNN's Don Lemon/Screenshot

On Wednesday, CNN's Don Lemon slammed President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr.

On his show, Lemon warned that Trump and Barr are gaslighting Americans.

"After everything that we have heard and seen today there is no denying this fact, okay, we’re all being gaslighted. It’s gaslighting, that’s all it is," Lemon said. "There was a time when I never would have thought that I’d say that you can’t believe the attorney general. Let’s face it, there was a time where I never thought I’d say the president of the United States was lying or the president of the United States was this or that."

"We can’t even believe the president of the United States. You can’t believe what you’re hearing from the institutions meant to serve us. You’re being misled, no one cares. The Republicans on that committee don’t care, that the attorney general of the United States misled the public, set a narrative, did exactly what the special counsel didn’t want him to do -- release his own summary instead of the summary letters written by the special counsel himself. And then when confronted twice about it still refused to do it," he said.

Lemon added, "Doesn’t matter that you got the information out. What he did was set a false narrative about the information. Because most Americans will not read 448 pages. They will believe sound bites. Barr said he didn’t even read the underlying evidence. So you can only come to one conclusion. The fact is they are lying to us."

Lemon said. "You may want to call it misstating the facts. I can’t do that. I’m a journalist. I’ll tell you exactly what it is. You can call it whatever you want, it’s a lie. We know the attorney general did not tell us the truth today. We heard it with our own ears. The fact is, they are lying to all of us, to all of you, and they’re doing it again and again and again. Are you okay with that? They’re shamelessly doing it."

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