Federal judge overrules lower court to keep suspected Coast Guard terrorist behind bars
Christopher Hasson (Image credit: U.S. Attorney's Office, Maryland)

Christopher Hasson was set to be released by a local court after federal prosecutors were unable to prove a terrorism charge. However, a U.S. District Court has overruled that decision as prosecutors wade through the evidence to pinpoint charges about a possible terrorist attack.

Hasson, was arrested in February when investigators discovered an arsenal of weapons, list of targets and searches for which elected officials and Supreme Court justices were not protected by the U.S. Secret Service.

Hasson was in the Coast Guard and lived in a basement apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland when he was caught with the weapons and data. He is just one of many white supremacists that the FBI is keeping close tabs on, according to reports last week. Thus far about 850 domestic terrorists are under the watchful eye of law enforcement.

"In writings the government seized, Hasson called himself a long time white nationalist and skinhead and said he was 'dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth,'" The Washington Post cited court documents. "Hasson searched the address of Supreme Court judges, bought books on 'white identity' and “white advocacy” and studied the manifesto of a Norwegian mass attacker who killed 77."

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