Former Arizona GOP operative arrested for crashing his car driving the wrong way while drunk
Charles Tack (Image credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

On Tuesday, KNPX News Channel 12 in Phoenix reported that Arizona State Board of Charter Schools executive director Charles Tack was arrested on felony DUI charges after Department of Public Safety Troopers arrested him at a car crash he allegedly caused by driving the wrong way on Loop 202 near a construction zone.

Tack, whose blood alcohol level registered at nearly twice the legal limit at 0.156, was charged by the Maricopa County Sheriff's office last Thursday with three felony counts of aggravated DUI, wrong-way driving, and endangerment.

"In speaking with Charles, it is clear he understands the extreme seriousness of this situation and that his alleged behavior, even as a one-time mistake, is absolutely unacceptable from someone in a position of leadership," said State Board of Charter Schools Chair Kathy Senseman. She added that the board "will closely monitor Charles' case" and "determine at the appropriate time whether we need to take punitive action," and in the meantime he will be prohibited from using any state vehicles.

Before being appointed to the Board of Charter Schools, Tack served as the deputy and top spokesperson for former GOP State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. In 2016, he was briefly caught in controversy when his state email was used to put out a statement that Douglas was endorsing Donald Trump for president — a potential violation of ethics rules on use of government resources to campaign.