'I'll never vote for him again!' Angry farmers tell CNN that Trump's trade war has pushed them to the brink
Iowa farmer Larry Angler talks with CNN (Screen cap).

Farmers in Iowa told CNN this week that President Donald Trump's trade war with China is pushing them to the brink -- and some said they regretted voting for him in 2016 given what his policies have done to their livelihoods.

Iowa farmer Larry Angler, for instance, told CNN that Trump's trade war combined with recent flooding mean that he and his family stand to lose more than $100,000 this year alone.

When asked if he voted for Trump in 2016, Angler replied, "I did -- I'll never vote for him again!"

Fellow Iowa farmer Robert Ewoldt, meanwhile, told CNN that he's had to take a second job as a nighttime truck driver just to keep his farm in business.

"That's what's keeping this farm going," he said.

When asked if he regretted his vote for Trump in 2016, Ewoldt hesitated before admitting, "Yes."

And Iowa farmer Greg Beaman told CNN that he's grown impatient waiting for Trump's purported deal-making skills to produce a trade agreement with China that would give American farmers access to the world's largest market again.

"He better hurry up and start producing a little bit," he said. "Because so far, what I'm seeing, this negotiation has not panned out."

Watch the video below.