Inept racists tried forcibly tattooing the N-word on a man's neck -- but then they spelled it wrong: police
28-year-old Brandon Dwayne Hayley, 40-year-old Lucian Evans, and 28-year-old Brandon Dwayne Hayley, 40-year-old Lucian Evansv (Marion County Jail).

A group of three white people have been arrested after police say they tried to tattoo a racial slur on another white man's neck -- but failed when they wound up spelling it incorrectly.

The Ocala Star-Banner reports that police have arrested three suspects and are still seeking a fourth for allegedly assaulting a man in earlier this year.

Police say that the 41-year-old man told them that four people -- 28-year-old Brandon Dwayne Hayley, 40-year-old Lucian Evans, 45-year-old Brett Singleton, and 35-year-old Mary Durham -- broke into the residence where he was staying this past January and told him they were going to cover up his "Crazy White Boys" gang tattoo with a new tattoo featuring the N-word.

The four assailants allegedly knocked the man unconscious and then began work on the new tattoo, police say.

"An investigator described the resulting tattoo, which had failed to cover up the 'CWB,' according to the report," the Ocala Star-Banner reports. "It was an expletive and then the N-word, except they got the N-word wrong, spelling it with only one 'g,' like the landlocked West African nation."

Of the four suspects in the case, police say that only Singleton remains at large.