Kansas Republican threatens to revoke press passes if papers report on people arrested protesting them
Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle (Photo: Twitter)

Republican state Senate President Susan Wagle tried to make a "Trump move" Wednesday when she threatened to revoke the press pass of Kansas City Star reporters. Her beef was that the reporters were likely to cover the arrest of protesters at the capitol.

Unfortunately for Wagle, threatening the press generally means the story will explode and go everywhere, humiliating the persons who made the threat.

According to local McClatchy editor Colleen Nelson, the Kansas City Star's lawyers had to send a letter explaining the Constitution to the leader who swore an oath to uphold it.

"Censoring the Kansas press are not only unconstitutional, but beneath your office," attorney Bernard J. Rhodes said. It's also a violation of her oath of office.

Rhodes went on to cite court cases that uphold the right for reporters to report from the Capitol, proving that if Wagle moves forward with revoking press passes, a lawsuit will likely follow.

The protesters arrested were there to advocate that legislators allow Medicaid expansion in the state of Kansas.

"At no time today was the press denied access to Senate proceedings. My staff was simply following instructions during a time of recess to ensure the safety of everyone in the chamber," Wagle said, parsing words.

Instead, she made the threat to revoke press passes. She has not yet done so.

Read the full letter from the lawyer here.