Minnesota teacher suspended after cursing racist diatribe about black students goes viral
Black students (Shutterstock)

A Saint Paul, Minnesota teacher, Wendy Brilowski, was caught on video making racial slurs about her students.

In a 23-second video, the Highland Park teacher called her Black students the N-Word.

“I just walk around the room … (unintelligible) just pick on them. They’re black. And they’re the only (expletive) (N-word) doing any work," Brilowski says in the video according to Twin Cities News.

Brilowski, a Spanish teacher at the school was put on paid administrative leave while the case is being reviewed. Superintendent Joe Gothard said he is working to resolve the situation.

“No matter the situation, the racist and foul language used by a staff member in the video has no place in St. Paul Public Schools,” Gothard said in a statement. “We will work to understand what happened and take immediate, aggressive action to address this situation.”

“Following this incident, we have a lot of work to do to repair harm and rebuild trust with our students and our community. We take that responsibility seriously. We offer a sincere apology for the actions that took place in our building on Wednesday,” he wrote.

Watch the video here.