'Panic' at South Carolina high school after girl poses with a gun in stunningly racist SnapChat post
A black man puts his face in his hands. Image via Shutterstock.

A student at Greenville County School District is under investigation after posting a racist photo to Snapchat. The student's identity has not been revealed. In the photo, a girl is holding a gun with a sign that says "'We hang Ni**ers for free."

"According to police, the investigation into the matter did not reveal any credible threats to any students or staff at the school and all other pertinent information was transferred to the proper jurisdiction for follow-up," a report from Fox News Carolina said.

Greenville County Schools spokesperson Beth Brotherton confirmed that the student has been suspended and had created a significant disturbance.

"Stuff like this isn’t necessarily a direct threat to the school, but it essentially incites panic and causes what it causes it," Brotherton said.

Greenville NAACP released a statement responding to the situation.

"We are saddened to hear of a racial attack on blacks by a white student in Greenville County Schools. This shows the issue of racism is very real sense this youth was not born during times of civil rights era then racial hatred is embedded," the statement reads.