Teacher forced to pay for her own substitute while undergoing breast cancer treatment
Image via Shutterstock

According to CNN Newsource, a beloved second-grade teacher at Glen Park Elementary School in San Francisco is being forced to pay her substitutes out of her own paycheck while on medical leave for breast cancer — and parents are outraged.

But there is nothing the school can do about it, because of a state law that has been on the books in California for 40 years.

Under state law, teachers are given 10 sick days, 100 days of medical leave, and up to 85 extra days from a catastrophic sick leave bank per year, but during that time, the cost of substitutes must be deducted from their paychecks.

Teachers in California also do not qualify for the state's disability insurance program, because they do not pay into it.

California Teachers Association president Eric Heins said, "We'd love to change it, but we're working in a public school system that's been financially on starvation."

Well-wishers have reportedly been supporting a GoFundMe page to cover the cost of the substitutes, but that page has stopped accepting donations.