Tennessee Republican legislator hired a lobbyist — but 16 of his 17 bills died anyway
Tennessee Republican state Rep. Martin Daniel (Twitter)

Tennessee state Rep. Martin Daniel has hired a lobbyist, the Tennessean reported Thursday.

The newspaper said Daniel is "the first lawmaker in recent memory" to hire a personal lobbyist.

Nashville resident Drew Lonergan began working for Daniel in January but did not register as a lobbyist until March.

"After a discussion with the Tennessee Ethics Commission concerning whether it was necessary for me to register as a lobbyist, they came to the conclusion that I am technically within the scope of the definition of a lobbyist," Lonergan said. "Once aware of this, I properly registered as a lobbyist."

Lonergan previously worked as a legislative assistant for Daniel and as his campaign manager.

"Lonergan's work as Daniel's lobbyist has apparently not helped the lawmaker's bills succeed," the Tennessean noted. "Of the 17 bills Daniel sponsored this year, beyond administrative measures, only one is still under consideration. The 16 others have been rejected or delayed for various reasons."

Rep. Daniel achieved notoriety earlier in his legislative career for arguing that schools should not teach lessons on social injustice.