Speaker Nancy Pelosi alleged that President Donald Trump is clearly being triggered by accusations of a “cover-up” while also being slammed with investigations into his finances.

During her weekly press briefing, Pelosi recounted the series of events that lead to yesterday’s meltdown in the White House. She said that that she and Sen. Chuck Schumer got a letter saying that Trump would rather work on the “new” NAFTA bill over infrastructure, but they still met at the White House the day following.

But when it came to her interview with the Center for American Progress where Pelosi said the word “cover-up,” she said it was clear he was “afraid of being accused” of it.

“I really think that what he knew the court decision was getting into territory he did not want to be touched and they did not allow the Mueller investigation to go into the president’s personal finances, so it was a setback for him,” Pelosi said. “And [he] must have known the Deutsche Bank decision would be consistent, but in any event, to inoculate against its presentation, he pulled a stunt.”

She went on to say she believed Trump has “a bag of tricks” to manipulate officials and the media on certain occasions and she wasn’t sure if that’s what happened yesterday, but she noted he’s a “master of distraction.”

“We will all agree on that. That’s something he does well, to distract from problems that he has,” she continued. “He changes, tries to change the subject. And while he tried to say it’s because I said cover-up, we have been saying cover-up for a while.”

She asked the press to remember Trump’s quote yesterday, “I don’t do cover-ups.”