'This is not the ghetto': Anonymous letter warns interracial family to 'vacate' because they're 'not welcome'
Yu family (KXTV)

An interracial California family was targeted with a rude and racist letter warning them to leave their new home.

The anonymous letter told the Vacaville family to move out before they were "evicted" from the home they bought late last year, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

“This is not the ghetto,” the letter said. “We may sound harsh, but your interracial family is not welcome here. We will contact your landlord and tell them to evict you if you don’t vacate in the next 60 days.”

Marc Yu, a 43-year-old husband and father, posted a photo of the letter on Facebook shortly after finding it.

“It’s a stupid letter,” he said, adding that he can't believe this type of thing still happens in 2019.

Neighbors knocked on the family's door after the social media post circulated to let them know they were welcome, and police said the letter was "disturbing and disappointing" but probably not a criminal violation.

Yu, who is of Chinese and Filipino descent, and his wife Sandy, who is from Mexico, received an earlier letter by mail about two months ago complaining about the state of their yard, but he said it "wasn't so condescending."

He said the home's prior owners hadn't maintained the lawn, which was mostly weeds, and he claims he's been too busy to make all the needed improvements since moving into the home in November.

A code inspector from the city visited after the first letter arrived, and the family cleaned up a shelf, a small plastic shed and a new baby stroller from the yard.

"That letter wasn't as bad as this, but it said, 'You guys need to clean up,'" Yu told KXTV-TV. "That's understandable. I had pride, so I cleaned it up."

Yu said he thinks the anonymous letter writer surely noticed the other neighbors' response, and got the message “to not harass us anymore and just leave us alone.”