Trump tweets Jimmy Carter ‘will be fine’ after speaking to him a month before he broke his hip
Former President Jimmy Carter (AFP)

President Donald Trump offered his medical opinion that former President Jimmy Carter "will be fine" after falling and breaking his hip over the weekend.

"Wishing former President Jimmy Carter a speedy recovery from his hip surgery earlier today," Trump tweeted. "He was in such good spirits when we spoke last month - he will be fine!"

Trump, whose medical training consists of a bachelor of arts undergraduate degree in economics, may not be correct in his assessment.

Dr. Sharon Brennan-Olsen wrote about the risks for The Conversation.

"The news an elderly relative has broken a hip tends to sound alarm bells, perhaps more than breaking another bone would. That’s because a hip fracture dramatically increases an older person’s risk of death," she noted.

"One in three adults aged 50 and over dies within 12 months of suffering a hip fracture. Older adults have a five-to-eight times higher risk of dying within the first three months of a hip fracture compared to those without a hip fracture. This increased risk of death remains for almost ten years," she continued.

Carter turned 94 in October.

"Age is a key risk factor, with hip fractures more likely to occur in those aged 65 or older. They’re primarily a result of a fall, or when the hip collides with a solid object such as a kitchen bench," Brennan-Olson noted.

Carter suffered a fall in him Plains, Georgia home.