Two Oklahoma GOPers under fire for 'sexual battery' after allegedly trapping woman and groping her
Chris Kannady and Kevin McDugle (KFOR/screen grab)

Two Oklahoma Republican lawmakers have been accused of "sexual battery" after they allegedly forced a woman to watch porn and groped her.

Political activist Al Gerhart told News 4 that Rep. Chris Kannady and Rep. Kevin McDugle are both under investigation.

“They basically got her in a booth and she couldn’t move, and one was showing her a porno video and Kannady supposedly feeling up her leg when all this was going on,” Gerhart explained.

Gerhart provided News 4 with phone recordings of the woman allegedly speaking about the accused lawmakers.

“Kevin McDugle whipped out his phone, started showing me some porn videos. Kannady inappropriately touched my leg under the table," the woman can be heard saying on the recording.

Gerhart said that the victim was not ready to come forward.

In a text to News 4, Kannady said that he would not respond to the accusations.

“There is nothing from this tabloid blogger that has ever rated a response from me. This time included,” Kannady remarked.

For his part, Gerhart remarked to News 4: "Sexual battery just can't happen."