‘We are not a presidential monarchy’: Judiciary Democrat scorches Trump for lack of ‘constitutional literacy’
US President Donald Trump salutes as he arrives at Canadian Forces Base Bagotville for the G7 summit. (AFP / Lars Hagberg)

President Donald Trump was slammed by a former Constitutional law professor serving in Congress for not understanding America's supreme law.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) slammed Trump in an interview with The Nation.

"You know, one of the pernicious dynamics of the Trump era is the assault on critical thinking skills in the public," Raskin said.

"And constitutional literacy has been under powerful attack by a president who recently made the inadvertently comical suggestion that he wasn’t worried about impeachment because he would just appeal it to the Supreme Court," he noted.

"The struggle to defend our oversight power is also a struggle to get America to see that we are a representative, constitutional democracy. We are not a presidential monarchy," Raskin reminded.

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