White supremacist domestic terrorism has been on the rise for the last few months: FBI
Members of the KKK hold a rally (Martin/Flickr )

According to the FBI, incidents of white supremacist domestic terrorism have increased over the last few months.

A CNN report revealed international terror threats have remained constant as ISIS continues to fall in Syria. White supremacists, however, continue to garner prominence as they hold large rallies to promote their causes.

The FBI's domestic terrorism cases typically involve those who have committed acts of violence. Many of the philosophies involve anti-government sentiment in addition to racial or religious hate.

"The FBI wouldn't provide specific numbers to quantify the increase of in the number of white supremacist domestic terrorism cases," CNN reported. "Unlike international terrorism investigations, domestic terrorism cases pose thornier issues for the FBI because of First Amendment protections. The US doesn't have a domestic terrorism law and no government agency designates domestic groups as being terrorist organizations. That means many cases the FBI calls domestic terror-related end up with a variety of charges for violations of laws related to guns or even other state charges."

Last year, the State Department slashed funding to the University of Maryland's Global Terrorism Database, which has an open-source tool used to analyze patterns of violence among terrorists in and outside the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security also disbanded its Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit. The unit was comprised of intelligence analysts who tracked domestic terrorists to help prevent acts of terrorism.