'Angry political toady' Franklin Graham is an 'abomination' to Christianity: Former Bush speechwriter
Franklin Graham showing off his sticker after voting in the 2018 midterm elections (Twitter)

Conservative columnist Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, has taken a hammer to the Rev. Franklin Graham's call for Christians to pray for President Donald Trump to defeat his political enemies.

Writing in the Washington Post, Gerson said that Graham has completely warped and twisted Christian teachings and filtered them through the very narrow lens of personal politics.

"In Graham, we are seeing God in the hands of an angry political toady," he wrote. "Offended by the views and tactics of Trump’s opponents, Graham decided to play his ultimate trump card: calling for God to intervene on one side of a political and cultural struggle."

He then went on to describe Graham's theological view that he could personally call on God to help the president win the 2020 election "an absurdity and an abomination" that completely contradicts Christian teaching.

"Graham has become a prophet in exact reverse," he argued. "Instead of calling out Trump’s cruelty and poor character, he excuses them. Instead of confronting corruption, Graham blesses it. His message reveals nothing about God’s priorities and everything about his own. He has found his pearl of great price — the political welfare of Trump — and has sold everything else to buy it."

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