Bill Barr claimed Trump didn't commit treason in 'the legal sense' and this conservative wants some answers
AG William Barr testifies before Congress. (Image via AFP/Nicholas Kamm.)

In a column for the conservative Bulwark, "Real Clear Politics" White House analyst A.B. Stoddard said that it is imperative that special counsel Robert Mueller appears before a congressional committee and address both Attorney General Bill Barr's attacks on his own Justice Department and Barr's own quizzical comments about Donald Trump committing treason.

Writing about Mueller's last public comments, Stoddard suggested, "Mueller meant his public statement to snuff out speculation, as well as misrepresentation by Attorney General William Barr and others, about his report. But his carefully chosen sentences have lit fires everywhere—mostly among his detractors who are endeavoring mightily to trash him and his work."

According to the journalist, Mueller should not let Barr's -- and President Donald Trump's -- comments go unaddressed and that the special counsel is dutybound to defend his own employees against slurs against their reputations.

"The president of the United States, the morning after Mueller’s press conference, called his investigators 'some of the worst human beings on earth'," she wrote. "Since he likely never read the report, it must have startled him to hear 'if we had confidence the president did not commit a crime we would have said so.' Worse, Barr stepped up immediately to muddy up Mueller, summoning a reporter to Alaska to contradict the special counsel—his friend and colleague of three decades—in a brazen television interview that would have been inappropriate for any attorney general to give, ever."

According to the journalist, she was "on the receiving end' of a whisper campaign against Mueller -- saying he was unfit for duty -- and that he needs to push back.

Additionally, Stoddard called out Barr over his glib response over whether Trump committed treason, quipping, "Not in the legal sense,” during an interview.

"Multiple lawmakers and commentators have said that simply having Mueller re-stating some of his findings on camera would break through since, well, Americans are lazy and uninterested in reading the 448-page report so they won’t know how damning it is until someone reads it to them on cable television," she pointed out. "Mueller is the only person who can answer them. Not Comey, Andrew McCabe or Jim Baker, and definitely not Barr. Before Barr books another television interview, Mueller—the old Marine—needs to make one more sacrifice for his country. "

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