Christians who ignore racial injustice have 'lost touch with the gospel': Southern Baptist Convention president
Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear (Facebook photo).

Pastor J.D. Greear, who is currently the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, admitted this week that American Christianity has historically had major problems with racism, and he put the blame for this on Christians who have "lost touch with the gospel."

Christian Headlines reports that Greear on Sunday talked about the history of racism in America during a talk at the majority-black Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

"I do not need to tell this church the church of the West has had a horrible history of racism," he said. "And there’s one primary reason that that happened: Christians lost touch with the gospel."

During his talk, Greear said that he would push the Southern Baptist Convention to change its constitution to allow the excommunication of churches that are racially exclusionary.

"I’m praying that even with our past history on it, that Birmingham for us this year will be a big step forward in the hope and the healing," he said in an interview with Religion News after his talk at Sixth Avenue Baptist.