Combat veteran unloads on Trump's erratic behavior towards Iran in devastating Senate speech

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) took to the Senate floor on Tuesday to rebuke President Donald Trump for putting the United States on the path to a potential war with Iran.

"The past week has laid bare just how dangerous it can be to have a president who approaches foreign policy as if as it reality show, where the worst case that can happen is getting kicked off before the next episode airs. The president doesn’t seem to recognize that his words, his decisions can have life-and-death consequences for the brave Americans who wear our nation's uniform," she remarked.

"What we’ve seen from the White House of late should worry every single one of us. In one breath Trump is beating the drums of war, thumping his chest and pushing for a conflict that would kill an unimaginable number of people -- service members and civilians. In the next breath he tries to act like a peacemaker who wouldn’t even think of starting a war. It’s gaslighting, plain and simple."

Duckworth, an Army veteran who lost both of her legs when her helicopter was attacked in Iraq in 2004, said that she was glad that the president called off a military strike on Iran. But she also said he deserved no credit for averting a disaster that he provoked.

The president's "erratic behavior" was "potentially deadly for the men and women willing to sacrifice everything to keep the rest of us safe," she said.