Giulia Ozyesilpinar, the owner and operator of the Ocean Five Condo Hotel in Miami Beach, went on a racist tirade this week against a prospective renter because she didn't promptly respond to her WhatsApp messages.

The Miami New Times reports that London resident Monifah Brown had booked a condo at Ocean Five with some friends who were planning to go with her to a summer vacation in Miami.

However, after booking the condo, Ozyesilpinar sent her messages saying that she was having problems processing her credit cards. After Brown didn't initially respond to those messages, Ozyesilpinar sent her a racist message telling her that she was hurting the reputations of other black people.

"You acting with lies gives very very bad picture for all of the black people please try to act like a lady and be a very good representation of black people and not a lying untrustable person giving bad name to black people," she wrote.

Brown responded by calling Ozyesilpinar out for racism and said she no longer wanted to stay at her property.

Ozyesilpinar reacted by getting even more racist and called Brown a "n*gger" in messages shared with the Miami New Times. She also left a message on Brown's voicemail that featured a man making monkey noises and repeating the N-word several times.

Ozyesilpinar defended herself in an interview with the Miami New Times by claiming she has many black friends and saying that it's her right to be a racist if she feels customers deserve it.

"Being racist is not illegal," she told the Miami New Times. "We live in a free world," she says. "We have freedom of speech. If I want to call somebody a monkey, I should be able to say that."

Listen to a recording of the voicemail that Ozyesilpinar left for Brown at this link.