Conservative columnist rips Trump for 'phony win' against Mexico
Donald Trump (Photo: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

On Monday, conservative Washington Post columnist, Jennifer Rubin, slammed President Donald Trump over his "phony win" against Mexico.

Rubin noted that Trump does not understand how foreign policy works, and instead throws temper tantrums and creates manufactured crises for his political benefit. She said that Trump's patterns have become "tiresome."

"President Trump's penchant for creating chaos, confrontation and conflict — be it on trade, North Korea, a government shutdown — only to 'resolve' it by getting nothing and claiming victory (e.g. falsely suggesting progress on North Korea denuclearization, celebrating a win in the Rose Garden by reopening the government as Democrats demanded) has become tiresome," Rubin wrote.

Adding, "Worse, Trump's antics threaten to create real economic and/or political turmoil at a time the economy might be going soft."

Most recently, Trump tweeted that he would not impose tariffs on Mexico, claiming they reached an agreement on the flood of immigration. Trump had threatened to impose stricter tariffs on Mexico by June 10th.

"This particular routine wasn't even original," she wrote. "Seeing less-than-spectacular reaction to his non-deal, Trump apparently invented out of whole cloth an agreement by Mexico to buy more agricultural products. This is not in writing. No one can find any evidence of Trump's agricultural deal."

She went on to explain that Trump only cares about pleasing his Fox News base.

"When Trump's crises collapse with phony wins for Trump, one never knows whether Trump has been conned by the other side (or his own negotiators), or whether he knows full well that this is a charade. Trump truly operates as if the underlying reality is meaningless; all that matters is what heroic message he can feed to Fox News, which dutifully blasts it out to the Trump cult," she wrote.

Read Rubin's full column here.