Creationist Ken Ham accused of 'bullying and spiritual abuse' by former Creation Museum staffer
A man fights a dinosaur at creationist Ken Ham's Noah's Ark theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky

Creationist Ken Ham, best known for his Creation Museum that features scientifically and historically illiterate exhibits of biblical figures living side-by-side with dinosaurs, is being accused by a former employee of engaging in "bullying and spiritual abuse."

Via Patheos, former Answers in Genesis employee Ella Durham earlier this month wrote a lengthy and detailed account of the poor experiences she had working with Ham.

"Ken has built his legacy on the bones of employees he has knowingly driven into the ground," she wrote. "If you were to make an illustration of it, it would look similar to Dan Lietha’s 'Garden of Eden on Skeletons' cartoon."

She went on to detail how the organization expects its employees to be ready to work at a moment's notice even on days they're scheduled to have off -- including planned vacations.

"Those who come to AiG knowing they will be on lower pay are usually under such high work expectations that many continue to work while scheduled to be off (e.g. weekends, holidays) or on vacation, instead of focusing on their families or regular lives," she explained. "It’s also an expectation to immediately respond to anything considered “urgent”, often forcing people to prioritize AiG over the needs of the employee, their family, and/or their church."

She also accused Ham of undermining the very cause he purports to support -- namely, spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

"Ken Ham wrote a book 'Already Gone' about young people leaving the churches, but the irony is, HE is the reason his employees are already gone from their own churches," she wrote.

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