Elizabeth Warren jumps to second place
Elizabeth Warren (Screen Capture)

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is continuing her upward momentum, jumping into the second-place slot in the latest poll from The Economist/YouGov.

The question, "If the Democratic presidential primary or caucus in your state were held today, who would you vote for?" was asked of those who said they planned to vote in the primaries.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still in first place, but now at 26%, down one point.

Senator Elizabeth Warren takes second place, with 16%, up five points.

Senator Bernie Sanders drops to third place with 12%, down four points.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in fourth place, down one point to 8%.

Senator Kamala Harris is in fifth place, down one point to 6%.

The Economist's data journalist G. Elliott Morris notes Warren's favorability ratings are the best among Democrats.

This week's new Economist/YouGov poll also has Warren up with the best favorability ratings.

% favorable minus % unfavorable, among Democrats:

Warren: 50

Biden: 43

Sanders: 43

Harris: 41

Buttigieg: 40

Booker: 34

O'Rourke: 31

— G. Elliott Morris (@gelliottmorris) June 12, 2019

48% also say it is likely or very likely Trump will not win re-election. 36% say it is unlikely he will not win re-election. (Question wording is: "How likely do you think it is that Donald Trump will not win reelection in 2020?")

The poll also has a large number of questions focused on Pete Buttigieg.

The poll was conducted June 9-11 of 1500 US adults.