Eric Trump declines to press charges against Chicago waitress who spit on him
Eric Trump appears on Fox & Friends (screen grab)

Eric Trump declined to press charges against a waitress who spit on him at an upscale cocktail bar in Chicago.

The waitress was taken into custody after spitting on President Donald Trump's younger son at The Aviary in the city's West Town neighborhood, and she was placed on leave by the bar's management, reported the Chicago Tribune.

“Eric was out to dinner on business, when a waitress … spit in his face,” a Trump Organization representative said in an email. Secret Service and Chicago police “immediately apprehended her and held her in handcuffs for approx(imately) two hours. Chicago PD was intending on pressing charges however Eric directed them not to and she was let go.”

The newspaper did not identify the woman because she was not charged with a crime, and The Aviary condemned her action and asked Trump supporters to stop making threats against employees and leaving negative online reviews.