Ex-Liberty University staffer shreds Jerry Falwell Jr's 'shifty, dishonorable' school in scathing essay
Jerry Falwell Jr. (left) and Donald Trump (right). Image via Falwell's Twitter.

A former instructional mentor at Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Liberty University has penned a scathing essay attacking the school's culture, which he calls "shifty," "dishonorable," and "hypocritical."

As Patheos reports, former Liberty University employee Brian Melton wrote about his experience working at the school on Facebook this week in which he described how the school avoided giving him proper benefits even though he worked as much as full-time employees.

"One peculiarity of my position at the time was that it was 'part-time full time,'" he writes. "Technically, I was a part time worker and I received none of the benefits that other faculty did, while at the same time I was counted as a 'full time' faculty with a terminal degree for SACS purposes via a 'limited benefit' contract (the sole 'benefit' was that after filling out paperwork I could receive up to $400 a year to join professional associations)."

Eventually, however, he was informed by the school that he had worked with them for long enough to qualify for medical coverage -- but this coverage came with a catch that he would lose it if he didn't work a certain number of hours.

"And so I asked what I thought would be the obvious question: 'Where is the line? How much do I have to work in order to rate coverage?'" he writes. "His reply was shady, and you could tell by the uncomfortable tone of his voice that he knew it too. 'That’s proprietary information,' he said, 'I can’t release it.'"

It was at this point that Melton began to believe he was being scammed by his own employer.

"The reason they would tell no one where the line lay was because it was mobile -- no one would ever cross it again," he writes. "No matter how much we worked, it would always be 'unfortunately' short of the goal."

Melton's experience at Liberty University got even worse from there -- read it for yourself at this link.