'Fascism': Trump blasted for urging boycott of a top US company as he travels overseas
President Donald Trump. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

'You Can't Fake America Great Again'

President Donald Trump appears to have intentionally attempted to get his official state visit to the UK off on the wrong foot. He attacked Princess Meghan Markle, an American who is now the Duchess of Sussex after marrying Prince Harry last year. He attacked the Mayor of London. And he even waded in UK politics, pushing for Boris Johnson – who some see as racist and homophobic – to become Prime Minister.

All of that has angered Americans embarrassed for their nation, and angered the British, upset the American man-baby has returned, as Sky News announced.

But it wasn't Sky News, which is actually owned by America's Comcast, that President Trump was angry at, but CNN, over what he claims is their "unfair" and such "bad, Fake News!"

And so Trump decided to call for a boycott of CNN's parent company, which is now AT&T.

It's that move that's causing outrage.