Fox News writer: Harvard reject was just 'espousing conservatism' when he used the N-word 11 times
Kyle Kashuv speaks to the NRA (screen grab)

Michael Knowles argued for Fox News this week that Kyle Kashuv was only "espousing conservatism" when he was rejected by Harvard for using the N-word at least 11 times and calling to "kill all the f*cking Jews."

In an op-ed on the website, Knowles asserted that Kashuv is being singled out by Harvard because he has conservative views.

"The cruel irony is that, while there is no evidence that Kyle Kashuv harbors any actual racial bigotry, there is plenty of evidence that Harvard does," Knowles wrote. "Plaintiffs in a major racial discrimination lawsuit against the university introduced evidence last year demonstrating that Harvard systematically disadvantages Asian-American applicants."

The columnist continued:

Kashuv made racially offensive jokes at age 16, for which he has lost the opportunity to attend Harvard or, at this point, any other college this year. Harvard actively discriminates against applicants on the basis of race today. The left doesn’t mind double standards. Ralph Northam posed in either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan outfit on his medical school yearbook page, and he remains governor of Virginia. But Northam is a Democrat, and Kyle is the most prominent 18-year-old conservative in the country.

"It’s not that the left rejects redemption," Knowles concluded. "Grace abounds for those who keep the faith. But Kyle committed the unforgivable sin of espousing conservatism. For the gatekeepers of our culture, until he recants his political views, no apology could ever suffice to redeem him."