Group behind so-called 'straight pride' march is a right-wing organization with a tendency toward anti-Semitism
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June is LGBTQ Pride Month but many homophobic activists find the celebrations so objectionable that they sought to collect snowflakes everywhere for a "Straight Pride" event. Now the group behind it is being unearthed as a right-wing organization with a propensity for anti-Semitism.

The Daily Beast reported Wednesday that it didn't take long for the group once they announced the march for straight people who feel they're an "oppressed majority." Far right activist Kyle Chapman is the founder and he's working with organizer Mark Sahady on the event.

Sahady said that he secured the permit for the event, but questions to the Boston government office revealed he had not been granted a permit thus far.

Sahady has an extensive history of controversial right-wing events in the Boston area using a group called Resist Marxism, which Chapman founded. Chapman became famous by beating anti-fascist activists with his eponymous "stick," the Beast wrote.

Chapman is no longer involved in the event, possibly because he's busy dealing with felonies in two states due to assaults. Sahady has taken over in his absence.

But a history of Sahady's internet shows a history of promoting liberals being thrown from helicopters. Resist Marxism is far worse.

"In leaked internal chats published in 2018, members frequently made anti-Semitic jokes and used anti-Semitic slurs," the Best reported. "At least one Resist Marxism event had security provided by Patriot Front, a white-nationalist hate group."

The event is set for August 31, though it's unclear if it will be permitted or if the men will lose interest by then.

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