Hilarious suggestions pour in for schools considering name changes away from Confederate generals
Robert E Lee statue in Charlottesville's Robert E Lee park

School districts wrestling with name changes to move away from Confederate figures have faced budget difficulties in an already contentious process -- so they've been saving money by choosing someone to honor with a similar name.

About 100 public schools are named after Confederate figures, mostly in Southern states and most commonly honoring Robert E. Lee, but the Wall Street Journal reported that some districts are trying to find creative ways to cut costs on removing and replacing signs, turf fields and sports uniforms.

In the Houston Independent School District, for example, officials changed a school named for Confederate soldier Sidney Lanier to the late Bob Lanier, a former mayor, and Austin school district’s Robert E. Lee Elementary was renamed to honor Depression-era photographer Russell Lee.

Schools have been named for Confederate figures since the end of the Civil War, with a noticeable uptick during the Civil Rights era in the middle of the 20th Century, but dozens of school districts have dropped those names in recent years.

Social media users offered some ironic and hilarious suggestions for renaming schools to dishonor Confederate figures.