‘I won’: Florida deputy fatally shoots gunman who wounded him after off the rails argument about cats
Cats (Shutterstock)

A Florida deputy responded to a neighborhood dispute over feral cats -- and a gunfight broke out.

The Brevard County sheriff's deputy was wounded in the shootout and fatally shot the gunman Tuesday evening during the incident in unincorporated Indialantic, reported WKMG-TV.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey said the deputy was called about 8:30 p.m. to an argument between two men over the feeding of feral cats in the area, and one of the men became enraged and went behind a vehicle.

The deputy, who is a U.S. Army veteran, heard the man charge a rifle from behind the vehicle -- and then a gun battle broke out.

"The gunfire lasted long enough for our deputy to expend all the rounds of one of his magazines, reload and reengage the suspect," Ivey said.

A neighbor pulled the wounded deputy to safety, and the other man died at the scene.

The deputy was hospitalized in stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds, but is expected to recover.

The sheriff said the deputy told him afterward: "I won."