‘Bartender is not a qualification’: Hypocritical Republicans crap all over AOC’s former working-class job

When first daughter Ivanka Trump had a rough go at the G-20 meeting, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) couldn't help but note she isn't quite qualified to be handling international diplomacy on behalf of the United States.

In defense of their dear leader's daughter, President Donald Trump's supporters lashed out at the Congresswoman, not for a nuanced conversation about diplomacy or international relations, but because AOC once had a working-class job as a bartender. Trump and his supporters have touted themselves as "real working people" fighting to fix "economic anxiety." Yet, when faced with one of their own, they mocked the elected official for her "class" and work experience.

Radio host and political analyst Roland Martin explained the classism perfectly.

Others quickly followed:

Ivanka Trump, who was neither appointed nor elected, was largely ignored by diplomats at the G-20 meeting. It's unclear if the reason is due to her father or Ivanka herself, but the international community isn't interested in U.S. leaders as they once were. Ironically, the president campaigned in 2016 on being more respected abroad. He's now running for reelection with a campaign slogan: "Promises made, promises kept."

You can see the classist right-wing attacks on AOC below: