Pennsylvania swing voters have some surprisingly positive opinions about Trump: focus group
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

Former Vice President Joe Biden's strategy to beat Trump in 2020 is to appeal to swing voters in states like Pennsylvania who went for Obama in 2012--but switched to Trump in 2016.

But according to a new focus group conducted by Engagious, partnering with Focus Pointe Global, voters who went for Trump in Pennsylvania are largely happy with the president's performance.

Axios described what they found.

"I would be willing to vote for someone other than Trump who would continue the initiatives he's started" with the economy, tariffs and immigration, said Tara Biddle, a 37-year-old kindergarten teacher.

An older man who'd previously voted for Obama wished a full two terms for the president. "When I changed my vote I gave him eight years," said 62-year-old David R.

The focus group also seemed unperturbed by the findings of the Mueller probe, which critics say were obscured by the Justice Department at the behest of William Barr.

“You could investigate every president; they’re all shady," another woman said. "Let’s just move on and let him do his job.”