Progressive radio host scores $4.1 million victory against neo-Nazis
Dean Obeidallah (photo: Screen capture)

Radio host and sometimes-Comedian Dean Obeidallah won a major victory this week in his war against neo-Nazis at the Daily Stormer.

The Washington Post reported that the SiriusXMProgress host was awarded $4.1 million by a federal judge for smearing Obeidallah as a "terrorist." The attack on Obeidallah prompted several to send death threats and terrify the progressive host.

The goal of the lawsuit, according to Obeidallah was never about money, he said it was about "sending a message to Trump-loving white supremacists that they will never silence me nor any of the people in the groups they hate."

Obeidallah isn't new to attacks from the right wing, as many progressive hosts are, but death threats are another level than simply Twitter trolling.

"We will not cower in fear nor stop speaking out. Rather we will stand up to them by using the courts, getting judgments and collecting every last dollar they have," Obeidallah said in a statement.

He doesn't anticipate the Daily Stormer will be able to pay up, but if they do, he intends to donate the award to charity. It's unclear if the Stormer could file for bankruptcy protection to avoid paying.