Former Trump aide wants to train right-wing 'gladiators' in a Roman monastery -- but he has a big problem

According to a report from the Daily Beast, former Donald Trump svengali, Steve Bannon, has big plans to open up what he termed a "gladiator school" in an abandoned Italian monastery but his proposal has run into major government interference.

Writing for the Beast, Barbie Latza Nadeau explained that Bannon wants to develop an army of right-wing nationalist leaders at his school,  but Italy’s culture ministry has a problem "with discrepancies in the paperwork for the lease from the Italian government for the Certosa di Trisulti and must, therefore, revoke the lease."

In an interview with the Beast, a culture ministry spokesperson explained that Bannon’s "plans to convert the ancient property to a teaching facility did not include adequate plans for preservation and protection. Either Harnwell or Bannon would have had to be certified with at least five years of documented experience in 'the field of collaboration for the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage.' Instead, neither had come up with the documentation required."

As Latza Nadeau explains, "Bannon, along with his partner in the project Ben Harnwell, won a 100-year lease for the 800-year-old walled property near Rome when the Italian government put the monastery up for rent to raise funds in 2017."

Bannon, for his part, had referred to institute as a "gladiator school," and previously stated that "he planned to teach at the school, and that he has invested some of his own money in its restoration, which is now underway."

In a statement, Harnwell said he would appeal the decision.

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