Teen brutally attacks Hispanic mother after she got him suspended by school for racist abuse of her son
Beronica Ruiz (Photo via attorney Daniel Santiago).

A student at New Jersey school has been accused of brutally beating a Hispanic mother after she complained about her son being subjected to racist abuse.

NJ.com reports that 35-year-old Beronica Ruiz, whose son attends the Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School No. 20 in Passaic, New Jersey, went to complain to administrators after her son had been subjected to bigoted taunts and threats of violence from other students.

Ruiz's attorney, Daniel Santiago, tells NJ.com that the students told Ruiz's 12-year-old son that he should "go back to Mexico" and told him that "Mexicans should go back behind the wall."

The school subsequently suspended the 13-year-old who taunted her son -- and he responded by tracking her down and attacking her while she was walking with her one-year-old baby in a stroller, according to Santiago, who also said the boy simply walked away after he knocked Ruiz unconscious.

"This was a horrific and brutal attack,” Santiago said. “It takes a certain level of insanity to brutally attack a mother with a stroller and leave her for dead.”

Ruiz was hospitalized for two days following the assault and she suffered a fractured eye socket, bruises and a bloodied eye.

The boy who allegedly attacked her has since been charged as a juvenile with one count each of aggravated assault and simple assault.