Trump's 2016 communications chief quits Twitter after profanity-laden meltdown at Democrat Jerry Nadler
Trump communications director Jason Miller (Photo: Screen capture)

One of President Donald Trump's top 2016 advisors quit Twitter on Friday after a public meltdown against Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Miller, who was the "de facto communications director" for Trump's 2016 campaign, was brought on to professionalize the office.

But on Twitter, he suffered a public meltdown.

"You're gross, you fat f*ck," Miller reportedly tweeted about Nadler. "Fat f*cks gonna fat f*ck."

Following the outburst, Miller apparently deleted his account.

Miller had been appointed White House communications director, but quit before the inauguration, to "spend time with family."

It turned out that Miller, who was married at the time, had fathered a love child with fellow Trump campaign adviser AJ Delgado.

Miller has also been accused of giving a stripper a smoothie with an abortion pill after realizing he had impregnated her.