‘Veto the Cheato’: Americans gathered nationwide for #ImpeachTrump rallies

Frustrated Americans on Saturday attended #ImpeachTrump rallies from coast-to-coast.

The rallies were organized by MoveOn, Indivisible, Democracy for America, the Women’s March, Credo and other progressive organizations.

Over 140 events were held nationwide.

Map of #ImpeachTrump rallies in the contiguous United States.

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Many attendees took the time to create hand-made protest signs, while others held printed banners.

One sign read “super callous fragile racist sexist Nazi POTUS.” And predicted “Trump will lie about this.”

At Seal Beach in Orange County, California, people spelled out “Impeach” on the beach.

Here are some of the images from the “Impeach Trump” rallies:

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