Virginia Democrats are so fired up that the party chair had to scold them: ‘Sit down -- be quiet’
Donald Trump (AFP / Jim WATSON)

Democrats in Virginia are fired up as they gathered in Richmond for their annual gala dinner.

Political analysts believe the Democratic Party of Virginia has a good chance to win control of the state legislature in 2019's election, before setting their sights on the Commonwealth continuing its recent trend of voting Democratic in presidential elections.

Patrick Wilson, a political reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, attended the event.

He reported that Democrats were so "noisy" that it was hard to hear the speakers, which include presidential candidates Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

DPVA Chair Susan Swecker tried to calm down the crowd.

"I'm asking you to sit down, be quiet," Swecker requested.

The request came shortly after former Governor Terry McAuliffe blast President Donald Trump.

"We’re going to tell Donald Trump, delusional Don Trump, we’re going to tell him to get the hell out of the White House and get his ass back to Mar-a-Lago where he belongs," McAuliffe said.