White Iowa man arrested for beating black man with a metal pipe while shouting racist threats of murder
Darrell Lee Abbott mugshot via the Johnson County Iowa Jail.

Police in Iowa City have arrested a white man on hate crimes charges, The Gazette reported Saturday.

"According to criminal complaints, around 6:32 p.m. June 16, 46-year-old Darrell L. Abbott — who is white — inserted himself into a conversation taking place in the 1800 block of Boyrum Street," the newspaper reported.

“I’m a killer,” Abbott reportedly said.

"I’m gonna show you I’m a killer," the complaint claims he said. “I’ll kill you (racial expletive).”

After Abbott returned home, his mother reportedly heard him say, “I’m going to kill myself a (racial expletive).”

"Police said surveillance video shows Abbott returning to the area and approaching the man while wielding a large metal bar. Witnesses told police they heard Abbott tell the man, 'You (racial expletive), I’m gonna kill you.' Abbott then proceeded to assault the man with the metal bar," the newspaper reported.

Abbott could receive ten years in prison if convicted on the felony charges.

Abbott is being held on a $20,000 bond for the assaults.

In 2014, police deployed a Taser on Abbot twice after he attempted to hit officers with a metal rod after allegedly attacking a woman.