White man goes berserk and attacks elderly Hispanic man after hearing his accent
20-year-old Tyler Cruse, who was arrested for allegedly beating a Hispanic man (Photo via Hall County Jail)

A Nebraska man this week was arrested and charged with assault after he attacked an elderly Hispanic man.

Local news station NebraskaTV reports that 20-year-old Tyler Cruse of Grand Island, Nebraska went to the house of a 64-year-old man at 2 in the morning and began pounding on the door because he thought someone he knew was in the house.

The man exited the house through a side door to get a better look at the person who was banging on his front door -- and Cruse then began yelling racial slurs at the man when he heard his Latin American accent.

Cruse then physically attacked the man and knocked him to the ground -- at which point the man's sons were awakened and came outside to chase Cruse off. They then phoned the police and gave officers a physical description of Cruse.

Grand Island police subsequently tracked down Cruse and arrested him on suspicion of third-degree assault and terroristic threats.