Alex Acosta’s press conference was a ‘master class’ in toadying up to Trump: conservative commentator

In a piece for the conservative Bulwark, columnist Andrew Egger suggested that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's much-derided press conference where he attempted to deflect blame for the sweetheart deal he offered to accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, was more a performance for Donald Trump than it was an attempt to clear the air.

According to Egger, Acosta's interaction with the press was a disaster.

"If Labor Secretary Alex Acosta hoped his Wednesday press conference addressing the sweetheart deal he gave sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago would improve his reputation, he was largely mistaken," he charged. "But the conference might have been enough to appease the one person whose opinion matters most."

The conservative columnist made no secret of his contempt for Acosta's conduct regarding Epstein when he was a U.S. Attorney, writing, "It quickly became clear that the agreement Acosta and Epstein had reached was the sweetheart deal to end all sweetheart deals. Epstein ended up serving little more than a year in the county clink—with 12 hours’ release a day thrown in, six days a week, ostensibly so Epstein could keep up with running his business."

Egger admitted that Acosta's presence in Trump's cabinet is more than problematic but it appears that -- for the moment -- the Labor Secretary is safe.

"If the president wanted to underscore that he’s distanced himself from Epstein, a registered sex offender, he could ask for Acosta’s resignation. For the time being, though, Trump seems to be sticking with his labor secretary.," he wrote before turning to Acosta sucking up to the president during his Wednesday comments.

Addressing Acosta telling reporters, "I am doing my job. If at some point the president decides that I am not the best person to do this job, I respect that. I serve at the pleasure of the president. I thought yesterday that he was kind and he showed great support," Egger got in his shot.

"One thing is for sure: Acosta definitely knows how to stack the deck in his own favor. Asked about the possibility of Trump firing him, the secretary put on a master class in Trump toadyship, emphasizing again and again how ready he was to do whatever his incredible boss required of him," he wrote with obvious scorn.

You can read the whole piece here.