'Attention kleptomaniac' Ivanka Trump and her husband are 'shamelessness made flesh': columnist
Ivanka Trump surrounded by world leaders (MSNBC)

On Wednesday, Frank Bruni wrote a scorching column for The New York Times, laying bare Ivanka Trump's complete cluelessness, privilege, and lack of regard for anything but her own comfort and status.

"Oh, to be Ivanka!" wrote Bruni. "The clothes, the kids, the teeth, the entitlement. She goes everywhere because she belongs everywhere — that confidence is in her platinum-encrusted genes — and because there's no corner of the world or cranny of existence that isn't enhanced by her presence."

Bruni made note of the #unwantedivanka hashtag that exploded across Twitter after footage of her trying to shoehorn in on a conversation between the French president and British and Canadian prime ministers went viral.

"They may have credentials, but she has luminosity," wrote Bruni. "And gall. That's what binds her and Jared [Kushner]. It's their marriage's secret sauce." Kushner, Bruni noted, has exactly the same inflated view of his qualifications and relevance on the world stage — even Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has griped to Jewish officials that his Arab-Israeli peace plan is unoriginal and unworkable.

Ivanka, Bruni wrote, "has grown up to be what every dad dreams of for his daughter: an attention kleptomaniac."

"I seldom feel sorry for President Trump — O.K., I never do — but if I were going to, it would be on account of his spawn and spawn-in-law," said Bruni. "He has given them celebrity, fancy government titles, security clearances and entry into circles they'd never penetrate otherwise. They have given him humiliating headlines to go along with the mortifying ones that he already had in abundance. Talk about a trade imbalance."

"Ivanka and Jared typify the belief that altitude is achievement, that breaching a sanctum is as valid as earning a place there and that faking it is indeed making it," wrote Bruni. "Call yourself a peacemaker and — abracadabra — you're a peacemaker. Play the part of a diplomat with enough élan and people will eventually take you for one."

"They're shamelessness made flesh," he concluded. "In Homer's epic poems and in Greek mythology, no flaw rivals hubris, but in the Family Trump, it’s as nonnegotiable as veneers. Pride isn't what goeth before the fall. It's what gets you to the inaugural ball."