Billionaire Tom Steyer telling aides he's running for president -- but we've heard the claim before
Tom Steyer (YouTube)

Billionaire Tom Steyer may have run ads on cable news attacking elected Democrats, but now he's about to ask them to support him for president.

According to The Atlantic, Steyer is telling those close to him that he's running for president along with the other 20-something cadre of candidates.

One problem the report points out, however, is this isn't the first time Steyer has cried wolf. He told allies to expect his announcement for a presidential run in January -- but that was five months and 20 candidates ago. Then, Steyer had scheduled a trip to Iowa, but cut the kick-off rally at the last minute. It turned into a "Need to Impeach" rally instead.

In 2016 Steyer was expected to announce he'd run for the U.S. Senate in California, but that never happened either. In 2018, he was all set to run for California governor and even recorded a commercial about it, but that was put on hold too.