Bundy-backing ex-lawmaker tapped as backup mayor in Las Vegas
Michele Fiore (Facebook)

A city councilwoman who has threatened rivals and law enforcement was tapped as Las Vegas mayor pro tem.

Michele Fiore, a former Nevada state assemblywoman with ties to anti-government extremists, was unanimously approved by the City Council to take over for Lois Tarkanian, who gave up the pro tem seat last month, reported KTNV-TV.

The 49-year-old Fiore is best known for her outspoken love of guns and for her association with the Bundy family, who have engaged in a standoff with federal agents and took over an Oregon wildlife preserve to protest government regulations.

Fiore also has made national news for threatening a Republican primary rival and justifying the use of guns against law enforcement.

She lost the 2016 GOP congressional primary, after serving two terms in the state assembly, and was elected to Las Vegas City Council in 2017.

The mayor pro tem serves essentially as the backup to Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who is serving her third and final term, and steps in cases of death, physical incapacity, impeachment or resignation.