Christian DA who says Muslims and gays lack legal rights whines critics are assaulting his religious liberty
Tennessee District Attorney Craig Northcott

A Christian district attorney from Tennessee is complaining that critics are infringing upon his religious freedom after he claimed that neither Muslims nor LGBT Americans have certain legal protections.

News Channel 5 Nashville reports that Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott this week defended himself this week after one of the people he's prosecuting tried to get him removed as special prosecutor on the grounds that he will not faithfully uphold state law.

At issue are two statements that Northcott has recently made about Muslims and LGBT Americans.

In the case of the former, Northcott argued in a Facebook post that Muslims are not entitled to the same Constitutional protections as other American citizens because they do not believe in "the one true God."

And when it comes to the rights of LGBT Americans, Northcott has said he will not enforce laws against spousal abuse for gay couples because his faith does not recognize their relationships as legitimate.

Northcott this week told Davidson County General Sessions Judge Dianne Turner that his past statements are not reflective of his willingness to uphold laws and he painted his critics as bigots who are intent on bringing down Christian attorneys.

"It's constitutionally repugnant what they are trying to do," he said of efforts to get him removed as special prosecutor. "They are trying to impose on me a religious and political test for serving in my office, for conducting my job... Everything you heard them arguing just now was they don't like my theological and political beliefs."