Employees revolt after San Diego store manager berates customer for speaking Spanish

Two employees at a store in San Diego this week quit their jobs after witnessing their boss angrily lash out at a woman who was speaking Spanish.

10 News San Diego reports that the manager at a My Sister’s Closet thrift store attacked a customer named Sofia Olvera, who was in the store to buy back a pair of shoes.

Celia Miranda, one of the former employees of My Sister's Closet who quit in the wake of the incident, told 10 News San Diego that the manager told Olvera that "I think that people who do not speak English have no business consigning here." Miranda objected to the manager's comments -- and was promptly sent home from work.

Miranda subsequently quit working at the store and she was followed by Jordan Daniels, a former coworker who tells 10 News that he was similarly offended by the manager's behavior.

"I said I wanted to take pride in where I worked, and I no longer felt that way working there," he explained to the station.

My Sister's Closet co-founder and CEO Ann Siner issued a formal apology for the manager's behavior.

"At My Sister’s Closet, we want all of our customers to feel welcomed at all our stores and treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Always," she said. "No customer should ever feel mistreated, underappreciated or disrespected at any of our stores, period. We apologize specifically to the customer."