Federal prosecutors have ‘intensified’ investigation into top Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy: New York Times
Trump donor Elliott Broidy. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Federal prosecutors have "intensified" their investigation into the former Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee, The New York Times reported Monday.

"In recent months, federal authorities have searched Mr. Broidy’s Southern California office and subpoenaed records related to him from a one-time business partner and from Mr. Trump’s inaugural committee," The Times reported. "They have reportedly asked the authorities in Romania for assistance investigating associates with whom Mr. Broidy worked to win military intelligence contracts potentially worth as much as $64 million."

In addition to holding the top fundraising position for the RNC, Broidy was also the finance vice chairman for Trump's inauguration.

"They have also charged four people who worked with Mr. Broidy on plans to influence the administration, including on behalf of interests in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. While the charges against three of his associates were unrelated to their work with Mr. Broidy, most have been asked about their relationships with him, according to several people familiar with the investigation," The Times reported. "Taken together, the steps suggest mounting pressure on Mr. Broidy. And they underscore the legal questions raised by his efforts to parlay his access into business advantage in the frenetic weeks after Mr. Trump’s election, and then to influence the new administration’s policies toward the Middle East, where he was pursuing contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars."

Two Broidy associates cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller.

"Rick Gates, who was paid at least $125,000 by Mr. Broidy for advice on navigating the Trump administration, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to the F.B.I. And George Nader, a political adviser to the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates who helped Mr. Broidy’s company win contracts worth at least $200 million with the oil-rich gulf nation, cooperated with Mr. Mueller’s team before being arrested this month on child pornography charges," The Times reminded.