Fox News' John Roberts is quick to highlight anti-Trump protester again after getting personally scolded by the president

President Donald Trump on Tuesday personally scolded Fox News reporter John Roberts, complaining that Fox News had covered a protester at his speech in Virginia. But the White House correspondent quickly brought the topic up again when he later appeared on air.

Appearing on Shepard Smith’s show, Roberts noted that a Virginia state legislator interrupted the president during his speech.

“We showed the protest, and you can see here the president had to stop while he was escorted out, at our 1:00 hour. As the president returned to the White House in the past hour, he took issue with the fact that we highlighted that protest,“ the Fox News reporter said.

“In my 1 o'clock report, we did not show anything from the president’s speech because we were focused in that report on the ongoing feud between the president and Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland and the fallout from that,” Roberts explained.

“It should be pointed out that in our 11:00 hour, the Fox News Channel carried that speech in its entirety. [The state legislator] was not the only person who was protesting the president. The Virginia legislative black caucus boycotted the event itself.”

The spat between Trump and Roberts comes as sources close to the president claim he is increasingly fearful that he will be abandoned by Fox News during the 2020 election.